Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Some more Spectrums, and random stuff

Like it? This might be some of the last abstract stuff I put up on my blog. This is definitely the LAST post I'm making on this sticky piece of shit, which temporarily I had justified sticking to, called Blogger. Till the time, I get my own domain, my brother offered a nice alternative of sharing a subdomain on his existing domain. So, I now have http://vishesh.vineesh.info. Woohoo!! :D I shall be setting up an auto-redirect soon enough.

Also, if you think my shifting to WP makes me choose a non-black theme, you are so mistaken. :P It does not. But still, see you at the mystic ranger's new haunt! :D


Sakshi said...
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Sakshi said...


omg this is the last time im bothering to check *all* your blogs.

p.s. i like the 2nd and 3rd ones. The blue looks good. The blue always looks good. :D

Vishesh said...

why, ever do you check *all* my blogs? They all have the exact same content. And when I announce that I'm shifting, its important. Also, I have set a redirect from this blog to the subdomain. It's a surprise you cared to hang onto this one, and comment. Also, its a major thing cause, as I mentioned, now I get to use full Wordpress, which your ignorant, little self would have _no_ chance of comprehending, the excitement of. :PP
Also, start checking the other one - even the themes more of blue.
And why didn't you approve the email subscription verification mail to my posts you got??

Sakshi said...

no they dont have exactly the same content. your wordpress thing doesnt have this post.

sure, my *ignorant* little self has _no_ chance of comprehending why u keep updating ur *old* blogs when they truly don't matter a bit if u have a new one. to me my blog wasn't some place where i wanted to use some blog format that's much better, it was rather about writing stuff and feeling happy when someone commented. what u r doing makes probably no sense to me.

i dont like having email subscriptions to blogs.

Vishesh said...

Thnx for telling abt the wordpress blog. I just deleted it.
And you're sort of true... The point of blogging anywhere is definitely not using a cooler platform. And I too, mainly get joy when somebody comments. (Did you know your comment on this post was the 101st comment I got??? Cool, eh?) But the thing, I rather care about the theme my blog has, and also the range of widgets it has. I just don't crap the sidebar for the heck of it. Its becz I like to. And blogger has lots of shortcoming to that. Also, I wanted to improve my blog's content quality, so that it comes anywhere in random searches, and happens to be generally helpful. That is barely (if at all) possible using blogger, mainly because blogger lacks the capability of inserting meta content called tags, easily enough. I did write that I used scribefire for that, but that's a bit too inconvenient.
Now, i kno you won't care about that either, but the point, in my biew, is that I want a formally presentable id for myself, cause i plan to spearhead into some clandestine projects worth mentioning in case they get successful. It might all seem a rather incoherent rambling, but i do have some reasons.

Never mind about the subscription thingie.
Alos, I am yet to shift my blog, one more time, the day I get a domain of own... :) Hope you don't mind that last change. :)